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The Top 3 of laminate floor repair

Even with largest caution and good care it can occur that floor coverings suffer damage – by a shifted piece of furniture, a fallen down flower pot or a „souvenir“ from your playing children :-)
Such damages are annoying and unfortunately they are clear noticeable. For instance, when entering the room and the scratch is literally catching your eye. Laminate linings, which are shifted with a clicking technology, have the advantage that individual boards can be replaced when they are damaged. However, particularly when the remarkable scratch is located in the middle of the room, this exchange can become a lengthy and sophisticated process. Who isn’t glad if the damaged place would disappear without leaving any trace?
With a special laminate repair kit it is possible to avoid costs for expert assistance and sophisticated panel changes. Correct light as well as more remarkable scratches or holes with few hand grips by yourself using such laminate repair kits. In any case the expenditure of time worthwhile due to the fact, that that laminate repair sets are simple in handling.
This kits are literally „all-round talents“ and applicable on different surfaces – Beside for usage on laminate or parquet soils the laminate repair kits are also appropriate for cork and oiled, waxed even painted floors.

To be on the safe side by repairing your solid, use a laminate repair kit on wax basis. To achieve an optimal color matching there are colored wax parties available which should be used at the repair work. Those wax parties are getting melted, mixed with one another and afterwards topically applied on the prepared place. This is the way how you can adjust or adapt the different colored shades, pattern and grooves in detail. After the drying and hardening phase hard wax (because of its high melting point also in the summer) is very resistant and loadable. At the end a lacquer coating is used for sealing purpose to prevent the repaired place for contaminations of dirt particles and also to avoid discolorations. After application of the laminate repair kit you can clean and load the floor as usual. When the repair work is done, the laminate repair kit can be stored comfortably and if necessary used again. Usually you need only a small part of the wax for the repair work, thus by purchasing a laminate repair kit you took precautions for a long time.

Laminat Reparaturset – Bei Kauf und Anwendung zu beachten:
When purchasing a laminate repair kit it is pertinent that the completeness of all necessary tools and a sufficiently extensive color selection is included. Also an understandably explaining operating instruction is important. Before you start with the repair work make sure that you carefully clean the surface from loose particles and remove a potentially grease film to get a good starting point. Particularly in case of holes on the surface you can guarantee by a good preparation that the hard wax in the connection sticks optimally and the damage is durably repaired. Remove all remains of the damaged material at the edge of the scratch or the dent.

laminate floor repair kits – Top 3 – reviewed for you!

Place 1 – The extensive laminate floor repair kit from Picobello – Wood and Laminate Repair Kit



According to experience, if you use appropriate tools the work or repair easily go from the hand. For laminate repair work the Picobello repair kit has already persuaded many consumers. Even if you are a absolute beginner and never made such a repair by your own, with this laminate repair kit it is not a big deal.
Unsightly scratches, holes and broken corners are history and the phone call for expensive professional support is unnecessary.
Lavishly illustrated and written in clear, comprehensible language, the attached introduction leads the reader gradually throw the repair process. At the end of the day it is possible to achieve a result which permanently satisfies your expectations.
Use the laminate repair kit in a versatile way – Beside for the use on floor coverings, this kit is also suitable for the use on plastic surfaces as well.
Below the bottom line this laminate repair kit is a very good choice for everyone who wants to remove scratches or holes.
Get quality and flexibility for your home. Convince yourselves.

Place 2 – Rust Oleum Varathane 242008 Renewal no-sanding floor Refinishing Laminate floor Repair kit



You have furnished your home with special care – and maybe you even have worked hard and long on color and style draught?
Of course it is especially irritating if the floor (or also a piece of furniture) appearance is immediately noticed by a scratch or a hole.

Create remedy with the following special repair/renewal kit: The repair kit or floor renewal kit from Rust Oleum Varathane.

Although it is not directly a laminate repair kit like the Picobello kit or the Fast Cap Wax kit which are introduced on this site but due to the results in the test, we decided to include this reneval kit into the top 3 laminate floor repair kits.

It performs just as the package states. You only have to keep in mind that you have to be very careful about dust and for instance pet hair. If some dust remain you maybe noticed the dust after sealing and that needs to be avoided. But if the work is done it results in a gleaming surface. WOW – effect guaranteed.

Also I would recommend however being cautious about using the floors even longer then the instructions suggest. We got a few scuffs after it suggested light use from what I had considered light use.

Place 3: The handy Fast Cap WAX Kit laminate floor repair kit



The Fast Cap WAX kit is suitable for laminate floors as well as for parquet floors. Due to the included and special big color palette you achieve an optimally colorfast result.

You need to heat up a very small area of the wax block with a lighter. In contrast to our winner (the Picobello laminate repair kit) this repair kit has no battery melter included! But for instance a BBQ lighter do also the job. Hold the lighter up to a corner of the block for a SECOND or TWO. (Don’t let it drip, if it is dripping the heat has been on too long.)
Remove a very small amount of the softened wax with the corner of the plastic scraper included in the kit.
Press this drop of soft wax into the hole or crack to be filled.
If it stays soft you can work it back and forth a little.
Scrape off excess wax and buff with pad.
We recommend to keep a small metal blade in the kit to clean the plastic scraper and return the excess wax to the block.

  • Quickly Fills Holes In Finished Woodwork
  • Match Nearly Any Surface
  • Kit includes wax sticks #1-20
  • Also includes WaxWedge & soft wax buffing pad
  • Refillable hardshell case keeps the wax where you want it

The SoftWax Kit from FastCap gives you everything you need to fill holes in finished woodwork!

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